About us


​From Seattle to Toulouse to Moscow, Alenia Aermacchi’s products, partners and facilities span the world. Few companies of comparable size can claim such a broad and diversified presence, which is further extended by the product support network, often with field offices located at the customer’s own operating base. In fact, a commercial or military aircraft built by Alenia Aermacchi, or with its participation, takes off or lands every few seconds.

The three HDOs in Turin, Naples and Venegono specialise in military, commercial and training aircraft in terms of product and segments, operating as integrated hubs for individual technologies and processes.

Alenia Aermacchi and its predecessors have a long history of industrial collaboration and partnership with US industry from Boeing and Lockheed Martin to L-3 Communications. Today the in-country presence is coordinated by Alenia North America.
Through milestone programmes including Tornado, ATR and Eurofighter, Alenia Aermacchi has contributed to bringing together European industry.