About us


​Technology is the key enabler in Alenia Aermacchi’s goal of providing reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex problems. The entire aeronautics sector is committed to increasing its intellectual property base to ensure its continuing success in a competitive global market. The numerous patents for materials and processes developed for advanced programs – eight for the Dreamliner alone - are vital intangible assets.

The company is a world leader in the use of composite materials and carbon fiber technologies for both military and civil applications, playing crucial roles on both the Eurofighter wing and Boeing 787 fuselage and horizontal stabilizer. Extensive use of composites reduces the parts count and drives down the cost of the M-346.

To maximize return on in its technological base, dual-use is a specific Alenia Aermacchi goal. Materials developed for commercial applications or within specific research projects provide off-the-shelf solutions for new military or security applications.
Conversely, the background, know-how and processes for the development of commercial products can often be traced to major defense initiatives.